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5578 Eureka Drive, Hamilton, Ohio 45011

We Now have a MAX VG line of USA-Made gourmet e-liquid. You can get max VG in any of our great flavors!


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USA Vapor Shop is the place for american made e-juice and e-cigs in Hamilton, Cinicinnati, and surrounding areas!

Thank you for stopping by to check us out. We are a family owned and operated Vape Shop, here to service our community and fellow vaporers with our brick and mortar store and web site. Our store is located on the north side of Hamilton, Ohio in Fairfield Township.


   ​We produce an All American gourmet E liquid. We start with the best quality Kosher grade ingredients available, and finish with great service. If you're looking for an e juice that doesn't have a bunch of junk in it, you have found it. We never put preservatives, coloring, thinners or extenders in our E liquid. Electronic cigarettes and Vaporizers are the first step to a healthier life style for most of us using them. So we don't see the sense in making a product that is less than the best. Speaking of the best, our sales staff are second to none. They are ex smokers and understand the best steps to take for your personal success. They are educated on all of the equipment we offer and are more than willing to give you their opinions on the pro's and con's of what we offer. We carry the best equipment - Kanger Tech with the protanks, Innokin with the itaste and iclears, Ovale with the eVIc, and Vapage, and others. We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry to every person. If you are thinking of getting started or looking for a better product, it's here. Vapor for the Flavor!